Zengani Ndovi


“I  was able to ask all the questions I needed to understand the process

~ Kate Ndovi



Zengani is from Zambia, and he first came to the UK as a student.  While here he met Kate Rogers, who is a British citizen, and the two were soon in a relationship.

When Zeng and Kate decided to marry, they came to us for advice on how Zeng could remain in the UK after their wedding.  Because they had not left themselves any time to sort things out, we advised them that they would need to make an application from Zambia, but the problem was that Kate had only just started working, and so it would be another four months before she could sponsor Zeng.

The couple talked about their options and decided that they would get married in Zambia, and apply after that.  Zeng went back soon after we first met them, and we liaised with Kate to get their documents ready, so that when she went out for her wedding she took a package with her that was good to go, including detailed legal representations from us.

Because there are strict time limits for financial documents, we needed to work quite quickly, but as Zeng was applying as a spouse, the application could only be lodged once they were married. We set up the online application, which they submitted immediately after they were married, and Zeng made an appointment to enrol his biometric data and submit his documents.  Zeng’s application was successful, and he is back in the UK now.

This is what Kate had to say when we asked them for a testimonial:

“The support asha and global immigration solutions gave me and my husband was priceless. Having no experience myself with a visa application and wanting to get it right to have my husband join me in the uk as soon as possible, i was able to ask all the questions I needed to understand the process no matter how small. With  ashas support from start to finish and her representation, we were able to get the result we wanted first time and just in time for Christmas. No words can describe how GIS helped my family and I would recommend them to anyone.”