Shakiyl Cox


“We could get you whenever we needed to and felt completely informed every step of the way. 

~ Gregory Webster



Shakiyl, who is from Barbados, is in a relationship with Claire Husbands, who is British, but though they intend to marry in the future, Claire is not yet in a position to sponsor Shakiyl.  When Claire became pregnant Shakiyl, who as a Barbadian does not need a visa to come to the UK on a visit, took extended leave from work and flew in to be present at the birth of their child.  Unfortunately the Immigration Officer was not satisfied that he was a genuine visitor, and Shakiyl was refused entry.

Though there is usually no right of appeal in such situations, and nothing you can do but leave the UK, Shakiyl was given a right of appeal.  He represented himself, and his appeal was dismissed by the Immigration Judge.  It was at this point that we were contacted by Gregory Webster, Claire’s stepfather, for help.

Gregory told us that Shakiyl, having been present at the birth of his son Kaidon, needed to return to Barbados in a few weeks, but that the family were worried about the effect that being refused entry to the UK, and having his appeal dismissed, would have on any future trips to the UK – and these are very real issues that could be potentially very problematic.

We successfully challenged the Immigration Judge’s decision, and were given permission to take the matter before a Senior Immigration Judge in the Upper Tribunal, but by this time Shakiyl needed to get back to work and he abandoned his appeal and returned to Barbados, as he had told the Immigration Officer he would.

The effect of the successful application to take the matter before a Senior Immigration Judge, however, was to clear Shakiyl’s record, and he has made several trips since, all without any problems.

This is what Gregory had to say when we asked him for a testimonial:

“Your advice and comments were clear and very well understood.  We were able to appreciate the options in front of us and know what steps should be taken.

Your communication and availability was of the highest order especially since it was a very stressful time for the whole family.  We could get you whenever we needed to and felt completely informed every step of the way.

Completely satisfied with the service both in terms of your responses and the way in which you dealt with our case.

Final comments are that we contacted another entity at the same time and their advice was poor and hugely expensive.  You quickly understood the situation and swiftly addressed, meaning that Shakiyl was able to stay in the UK for the duration of his planned stay.”