EEA Law - What Brexit Means For You

Home Office advice is that until Brexit is implemented there is no change in the status of EEA nationals and their families (we agree) and that you don't need to do anything at the moment (we disagree).

If sorting out a new status following Brexit goes anything like the rest of the process has done, we can be sure of one thing - it will be chaotic.  If you don't have a registration certificate / residence card / permanent residence documentation at the time that the UK withdraws from the European Union, you could well struggle to prove that you were here before the cut-off date.  We think that it would be far safer to have some sort of documentation in hand, and, if you intend to eventually apply for British citizenship, to get permanent residence documentation as soon as you can, as you can only apply for citizenship one year after you acquire the right of permanent residence.

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Document List

£ 125 + VAT

We don't believe in one-size-fits-all advice.

Phone us and answer some questions so that we understand your circumstances.  

We will then email you a list of the documents you should submit with your application, tailored to your particular circumstances, as well as a link to the application form and general advice on how to complete it.

Application Check

£ 250 + VAT

Complete the form and get your documents in order yourself.  

We will check through everything and give you detailed feedback on any shortcomings in your application and how you can correct them.

When you submit your application you will have the peace of mind of knowing that everything is in order with it.

Full Representation

From £750 + VAT

Hand over management of your case to us.

We will prepare the application by completing the application form for you to sign, and will also draft legal representations setting out your case to make it easy for the Home Office to understand.

Once you approve everything we will lodge the application and liaise with the Home Office until you get a decision.


Joe Milburn

I consulted a multitude of immigration lawyers, and I chose Global Immigration Solutions because the lawyer that I spoke with was more helpful, knowledgeable, and informative than any person from any other company that I spoke to. She also responded to all my emails right away, providing enlightening answers to all my pre-payment questions (and I had a lot of them).


Rod Coogan

With expert advice and guidance of Global Immigration Solutions we developed a solid application and submitted through them. They kept us updated on the progress of the application and were more than happy to promptly answer an queries we had.


Prof. Erdem Idiz

Global Immigration Solutions made the whole process of applying for my UK residence permit totally painless. The service was professional, efficient, friendly and very informative.

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