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There is so much that can potentially go wrong when dealing with immigration.  Read why you are safe with us.

It’s our job. But we never forget that it’s your life.

We don’t blog as often as we should – we’re far too busy helping people with their applications and appeals! But whenever there is a change in the law, or something important is announced, you can be sure that you will find a short piece telling you about it on this page.  

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What we do

All our lawyers are regulated at Level 3 (the highest level) and we have all worked in the specialised field of immigration law for at least the past 15 years, during which time we have helped thousands of people from all over the world.  We prepare applications for people all over the UK and overseas.  And we appear in Tribunals all over the UK, so if you have made your application yourself and been refused, we can act for you.


If you want to come to the UK, remain here for longer than your current visa permits, or stay on some other basis (‘switch’ categories) you will need to apply for a visa.  We prepare and submit applications for people from all parts of the UK, and prepare applications for submission overseas.  When you instruct us we will:

Assess the merits of your case and advise you on your options

We don’t give one-size-fits-all advice.  We will listen to you and then advise you based on your personal circumstances.

Advise you on the law that applies to your case

UK immigration law changes often.  Our advice is based on the current law and any announced changes that may affect you, as well as on the instructions given to Home Office caseworkers and Entry Clearance Officers on how to interpret and apply the law.

Make sure your paperwork is perfect

Many documents are mandatory, and if you do not provide them the application is refused, even if it is clear from other documents that you meet all the requirements.

We give you a complete list of all the documents needed to support the application, both those that are mandatory and those that are not, based on our experience of preparing many thousands of successful applications.

Complete the application form

You will have the peace of mind of knowing that your application will not be refused because of some silly, trivial reason such as an out-of-date form or a mandatory section left incomplete.

Support your application with detailed legal representations

Your application will be supported by detailed, well written, professionally prepared legal representations, which will set out the history of your case, address any potentially problematic issues, if such exist, and go through the various requirements of the Immigration Rules and show how you meet each one, making it easy for the person deciding your case to understand both your story and how you meet the requirements of the Immigration Rules or European or human rights law .

Represent you until a decision is made

If you are in the UK, we will lodge your application by special delivery and liaise with the Home Office until a decision is reached; if you are overseas, we will give you a prepared bundle that is ready for submission.

Either way, we are the named contact for any queries that the Home Office may have.


If you have been refused with a right of appeal, this may be your best chance to resolve the problem.


All our lawyers are experienced advocates, used to appearing before Immigration Judges in the First-tier and Upper Tribunals.


When you instruct us we will discuss  your circumstances with you, to see if an appeal is the best way forward – usually it is easier, quicker and cheaper to lodge a new application.  We will also give you a realistic assessments of the merits of your case, because having a right to appeal doesn’t mean that you necessarily have a winnable case.


When you instruct us it becomes our responsibility to see that all the procedures involved with the appeal process are complied with.  We lodge the appeal, along with the Grounds of Appeal – the legal reasons why the decision is being challenged, and prepare the ‘bundle’ of documents that need to be submitted before the hearing, including detailed statements for all witnesses.  And on the day of the hearing, we represent you, putting your case in the strongest possible terms to the Immigration Judge.

We are immigration lawyers, and we can help you in all matters to do with UK immigration law.


Robin Molyneux


Asha Thomas

We are proud of what we do and we guarantee the quality of our work

Quality of Advice

You can expect unbiased, honest, confidential and up-to-date legal advice and information on all issues to do with UK immigration and nationality law.  If we believe that any particular aspect of your case is outside our area of expertise we will inform you, and will direct you to other providers who may be able to help you.

Timely Action

Submitting applications late can have disastrous consequences on your immigration status, as it could lead to losing your right to appeal, or to remaining illegally in the UK.  When you instruct us we will take timely action on your case so that you do not lose any time-limited rights through our actions.


We will keep you informed of all developments in your case. It can sometimes take very long to get a response from the Home Office, but we review our files every three months and follow up as appropriate. We will deal with all your queries promptly, and will always try and return telephone calls the same day.


We will not discuss your business with anyone else unless you give us written permission to do so. The only circumstances in which we will disclose your business to a third party is if we are legally obliged to do so, for example because of money laundering legislation.

Equality of Treatment

We are committed to providing an independent and confidential service to all our clients. The race, colour, ethnic origin, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, political opinions, age and disability of our clients is irrelevant to us and we are not influenced by any of these factors when we assess the merits of a case and provide legal advice.

Refund of Money

We will not hold onto your money in circumstances where a refund is due to you, and will refund it by bank transfer or by cheque. We do not, however, have any control on how long the transaction will take to process, though this is not normally longer than five working days.

Making a Complaint

We hope that you will not need to complain about our service, but should we fall short of our standards of service we will investigate fully any complaint that you make, and try and resolve your concerns. Should you be dissatisfied with any aspect of the handling of your case you can complain, either to us or directly to the OISC.