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Parents and other dependent relatives

This category is only open to the parents, grandparents, adult sisters and brothers, and adult children of someone who is settled in the UK, or who has refugee leave or humanitarian protection.  Other relatives are not covered under the Immigration Rules.

The application has to be lodged from your home country.  Settlement is granted immediately if the UK based sponsor is British or has Indefinite Leave to Remain, and if the UK based sponsor has a limited time visa, then leave is granted for the same period as the sponsor’s leave.

You will be eligible to apply for settlement once you have lived in the UK on this visa for five years.

About you

Before this visa is granted, you have to prove that you are unable to look after yourself on a day to day basis, because of your age, illness or disability.

There must also be nothing in your conduct or your previous immigration history to make you ineligible for entry to the UK.

Care facilities

You also have to satisfy the Home Office that, even with the financial and practical help of your sponsor, there is no suitable care available in your home country, either because it doesn’t exist, or because it is unaffordable.

Maintenance and accommodation

Your sponsor has to be in a position to maintain and accommodate you, and take care of you, without needing any recourse to public funds.

Your sponsor will have to give an undertaking to support you without help from the government for five years from the date you enter the UK.

Suitability requirements

Even if you meet all the other requirements of the Immigration Rules, you can be refused because of your character and conduct.

Criminal convictions, previous poor immigration history, deception or withholding material facts (whether accidentally or on purpose), using the NHS when not entitled to – these are all issues that are taken into consideration before this visa is issued.

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Has your visa been refused?

Appeal rights have changed

Since 06 April 2015 the right of appeal has been severely limited, so that while you can still appeal if your visa is refused, you can only do so on human rights grounds.  Human rights law itself if in the process of changing, with the government’s stated intention to repeal the Human Rights Act and replace it with a British Bill of Rights.
You can read more about the appeal process, and how we can help you with your appeal, on our Appeals page.
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How we can help you

Applications under this category are amongst the most difficult to make successfully.  Most decisions are based on the papers you submit, without you ever being interviewed – which means that your paperwork needs to be perfect.  When you ask us to act for you we will:
Ensure that you know what the rules are

We will make sure that you know not only what the Immigration Rules are, but also how the decision maker will interpret the rules, based on the guidance given to Home Office officials.

Give you a complete list of documents

We provide a complete list of all the documents needed to support your application, both those that are mandatory and those based on our experience of preparing many thousand applications.

Check your documents

We will review your documents so that any problems can be dealt with before your application is lodged.

Prepare the application to a very high standard

We will complete all the paperwork, and draft detailed legal representations that set out your case, address any issues that may be problematic, and then go through the different requirements of the Immigration Rules and show how you meet each one.

Provide unlimited advice and support

We will work with you for as long as it takes to get your paperwork perfect.  And because we charge a fixed fee, you can call or email us at any time that your have a question without any extra charge, no matter how many times that is.


globe-75x75We have clients all over the UK and the rest of the world.  With phone, Skype, email and post, we can act for you wherever in the world you are.

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