Fiancée appeal

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Appeal in the Upper Tribunal

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Decision overturned before appeal hearing

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Dependent parent appeal

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Attention_SignWhen can you appeal?

You can only appeal if your application was:

  • because your sponsor is settled in the UK (but not through the Points Based System) or is in the armed forces
  • on the basis of your long residence or private life in the UK
  • for asylum in the UK

If your application was on any other basis, please read our Administrative Review page to see what your options are.  If you applied as a visitor, please read our page on Visit Visas.

Fact: If you aren’t already settled in the UK, the government doesn’t want you here.

Immigration into the UK is becoming harder.  The rules and requirements are becoming stricter, and more and more applications are being refused- the most recent Home Office statistics say that there were 18% more refusals of family visas in the second half of 2014 than there had been in the first half.

Fact: Changed appeal rights make it harder for you to win your case if your visa is refused.

Appeal rights have seen very dramatic changes in the past few months, and since 06 April 2015 there is no longer a full right of appeal if your visa is refused.

You can only appeal if your application was on the basis of your family life in the UK, generally with a family member who is settled in this country, or if it was on the grounds that you have lived here for so long you have established a private life in the UK.  You can only appeal on human rights grounds – that is, if you say that refusing your application is a breach of your human rights.

Fact: Even before these changes, appeals weren’t straightforward.

The most recent Tribunal statistics (October – December 2014) show that of 15,304 appeals determined in that period, only 39% were successful.

Fact: Even greater changes are on the way.

The government has stated its firm intention to roll out ‘non-suspensive’ appeals – that is, they will take away the right to remain in the UK while your appeal is in process.

Give yourself the GLOBAL Advantage 

Getting a visa refusal is very stressful and can seem like the end of your hopes and dreams.  And UK immigration law is so complicated that it can be difficult to know what to do next.  Should you appeal or re-apply?  What is the time limit to do so?  How do appeals work? Having has one visa refusal, how do you know that another application will succeed?

Luckily you don’t need to face this on your own – you can give yourself the best possible chance of success, and have a powerful force on  your side, fighting for you.  This is what you can expect from us:

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