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Administrative Review

If your application is refused you will be told the reasons in writing, and also whether you have a right of appeal to an independent Immigration Judge.  In most cases there is no such right, and the only options available are to ask the Home Office to conduct an ‘administrative review’ – that is, reconsider your application again – or to put in a new application.

You can only ask for an administrative review if you are alleging that you were refused because of a case working error.

Time limits

There are strict time limits.  Your application must reach the Home Office within 14 calendar days from the date the decision is sent out if you are in the UK, unless  you are in immigration detention, in which case the time limit is seven days.

How to submit your application

The application can be submitted online, or by post.

There is a fee of £80 payable to the Home Office for an administrative review.


You are not permitted to submit any additional evidence with your application for an administrative review; however, the Home Office can request additional documents if they consider it necessary.


If the application is successful the refusal will be withdrawn and you will be issued with the visa you applied for.  If the application is not successful you will have no further legal recourse, though you may be able to submit a new application.

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The GLOBAL Advantage

With so few legal options left, you can’t afford to make another mistake.

If you ask us to act for you this is what you can expect from us:

A realistic assessment of your chances of success.  The administrative review system is extremely narrow, with very limited reasons that  you can put forward for asking for a review of the decision.  You cannot put forward any new documents, and the caseworker will only look at certain, specified things.  This means that an administrative review will generally not be the best way forward in most cases.  If we do not think that there is a realistic prospect of an administrative review being successful in your case, we will tell you so, and advise you of what other options you have.

Well prepared, professionally presented arguments.  If there is merit in applying for an administrative review, we will present your case for you, putting forward clear, coherent reasons showing where the case working error is, and making legal arguments as to why the decision should be overturned and your visa issued.


globe-75x75We have clients all over the UK and the rest of the world, and we appear Immigration Tribunals across the UK.  

With phone, Skype, email and post, we can act for you wherever in the world you are.

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