Rodrigo Alercon Garcia


“Great service – I will recommend to all my friends. 

~ Rodrigo Alarcon Garcia



Rodrigo Alarcon Garcia is a Mexican citizen who was in a long-term relationship with an EEA national, and when the couple married, he was issued with a Residence Card as a family member under EEA law.  Unfortunately the marriage broke down some years later, and the couple were divorced.  It was at this stage that Rodrigo came to us for help.

We applied for a Residence Card for Rodrigo on the basis that he had retained a right of residence in the UK after his divorce, and though the Home Office took extremely long to process the application, and then issued the Residence Card incorrectly, so that it took several months more to get it corrected, this was eventually done.

Rodrigo decided not to bother with a Permanent Residence Card once he had lived in the UK for five years, but, once he was eligible to do so, he asked us to prepare his application for naturalisation as a British citizen.  To do this we had to go back to his rights under EEA law and show how he met all those requirements, as well as the requirements for naturalisation.  Rodrigo’s citizenship application came through much quicker than his previous one did.

This is what Rodrigo had to say when we asked him for a testimonial:

“Thank you!  First you helped me to stay after my divorce, and now you have helped me to get my British passport.  Great service – I will recommend to all my friends.