Mona Tarabi


“I could get in touch with Robin very easily when ever I needed to. 

~ Hamid Mohajerani



Hamid Mohajerani is a British citizen, and when he married Mona Tarabi, who is Iranian, they applied for Mona to come to the UK as Hamid’s wife.  The application was refused because the Entry Clearance Officer was not satisfied that Hamid was able to support Mona.  The couple lodged their appeal themselves, and the original intention had been that Hamid would appear in court on his own, but as the date of the appeal came nearer, he realised that appeals are actually very complicated legal matters.  He found us on an internet search, and rang us for help.

We were instructed to act a few weeks before the appeal, so there was an enormous amount of work to be done, and not much time to do it, but we were able to satisfy the Immigration Judge that Mona met all the requirements of the Immigration Rules, and the appeal was allowed.

This is what Hamid had to say when we asked him for a testimonial:

“Robin was a great help to us.  When I told him my circumstances, he gave us the right advice.  We were told to gather the right documents to support my wifes case.  I could get in touch with Robin very easily when ever I needed to.  Robin always up dated me about what was happening about my wifes case.  I strongly recomend this firm to who ever got any imigaration problems.”