Speculations on Brexit

By 19th March 2016EEA

19 March 2016

We’re getting a lot of calls these days from people asking what will happen if the referendum on 23 June throws up a vote to leave the EEA.  European nationals and their families already in the UK are naturally concerned, and so too are British citizens, wondering how this will affect their ability to travel, work and live freely.

The short answer is  – we don’t know.  I don’t think anyone does, even the government!

It is difficult to see how anyone already here exercising Treaty rights, or their family members, could be asked to leave, and presumably some sort of status would be granted in such cases.  Equally, presumably anyone with an application pending with the Home Office would be considered under rights of free movement as they are now, rather than as they would be in the event of Brexit, but it is a question of watch this space- and meanwhile, put in an application if you possibly can.