Mexit Mehaj


“You could call up at any time and they would talk to you as though you were their most important client.”

~ Max Mehaj



Mexit, or Max as he is called, is a man who believes in living dangerously, so though he had sought our advice over a period of about three months, it was not until the day that his visa was due to expire that he came into our office and instructed us to act for him in an application to remain in the UK on the basis of his relationship with his son, Arion, who is a British citizen.

The application needed to be submitted that day, as if it was not Max would have had no right of appeal if his application was refused – and when he came to us his documents were in a mess, so that we told Max that there was a good chance that his application would be refused.  We had to drop everything to take proper instructions from Max, and we completed the application form, which Max then signed.

Max then went away for four hours, and we used that time to go through his papers properly, extracting what was usable for his application, and drafting detailed legal representations that set out the particulars of Max’s case, and made the appropriate legal and human rights arguments.  When Max came back in the afternoon he approved the representations, and the application was posted that day, so that Max remained legally in the UK while it was being processed.

In the representations we had said that we would be submitting some documents later, and we went through what else we needed from him with Max.  We sent in the extra documents about three weeks after the application was submitted, and though the Home Office took quite a long time to make a decision, we were all delighted when the application was successful, so that Max got his visa without needing to go to appeal.

This is what Max had to say when we asked him for a testimonial:

“It felt like you weren’t with a lawyer, you were a part of the family. I went to Global Immigration the day my visa was ending, and Asha stopped all her other work to get my application prepared and sent off that same day so that I stayed legal.  It felt like no other office that I had ever been to.

The advice was all good, reliable.  You could call up at any time and they would talk to you as though you were their most important client.”