Asha Thomas

Asha has also been regulated by the OISC since it was first set up, and is registered at OISC Level 3. She has been working in the field of immigration law since 1998, and has wide experience and knowledge of the Points Based System, settlement applications and appeals, European law including the retained right of residence, and human rights law.

Asha’s intervention has helped a family who had been apart since 2005 to be able to live together in the UK, after the appeal had originally been dismissed by the Immigration Judge, and has led to successful outcomes in a number of other cases, most recently in helping a mother to be reunited with the daughter she hasn’t seen in 15 years.

When Asha takes time out from work she and her husband travel, chucking things into the back of the car and driving off to explore new places. In her leisure time she reads, goes walking, weaves, paints and cooks, but only washes the dishes if someone holds a gun to her head.